How to include relevant coursework on resume

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If you decide to write a non-standard resume, keep in mind that this strategy is good not in all cases. For the specialists of non-creative professions like engineers, drivers, accountants, etc., it is preferable for applicants to remain within the framework of officially approved standards. This is due primarily to the fact that the specialists of this profile are required accuracy, rigor, and obligatory compliance with job descriptions.

It should be noted that recruitment agencies, as a rule, use the resumes sent to them as a source of obtaining the necessary information about the applicant, so it is dry distilled into a standard resume form, in which creative liberties are canceled. If you send a non-standard resume directly to the employer, then there is a chance that your innovative approach will be appreciated by those to whom it was intended.

Creativity opportunities

There are several standard lines, following which you can transform a resume into something creatively non-standard and thereby attract attention to yourself.

Photography. According to the classic canons of office work, the photography should be approximately the same as in the passport. But here, there are no rules without exceptions. One editor did come up with a very interesting move. Instead of a photo on the resume, he placed his silhouette portrait.

Epigraph. This tool should be used carefully. It may have unpredictable consequences. Some employers do not like excessive cleverness.

Design. You can write the key points of the resume in a non-standard font.

Risk zone

The part of non-standard is approximately 0.5% of the total number of resumes. Besides, not all of them are creative. Using a non-standard approach to writing a resume, you must be prepared for the fact that HR managers can interpret it, in the sense that the candidate is too extravagant and difficult to cope with.

In the current market situation, when the offer significantly exceeds the demand and, accordingly, when the competition for filling a vacancy is high enough, it is important to understand that the resume is a business card of the applicant, which gives him the path to a personal meeting with the employer.