How to list relevant coursework on resume

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A resume is the first impression of you. Competently written and completed resume demonstrates your professional competence and self-reliance. When a competition is announced for any position, a large number of resumes come to the employer, and the best ones are selected from them. Even if you are an exclusive specialist in any field, but you could not clearly enough reflect this in your resume or arranged it in haste, alas, the chances of being invited to an interview are very slim.

The primary purpose of the resume is to make the employer want to meet with you. In the center of any good resume should be a demonstration of their own successes and achievements.

Personal information. It must contain the surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, contact information. Specify home and mobile phones, e-mail address.

Career objective. A company may have several vacancies, so it’s better to indicate the position you are applying for.

Basic education. Specify the years of commencement and graduation, the full name of the institution, the specialty obtained. If you have no experience, it is better to describe in detail the course and results of studies and indicate the places of practice. In the education section (besides the main one) specify only those courses and pieces of training that meet the intended goal.

In addition to the university, the period of study and specialty, specify research projects, term papers, theses, if the topics correspond to the scope of future employment.

Experience. It is best to present the sequence of transition from one position to another in the reverse order (start from the last). Specify dates with an accuracy of one month. Do not specify too many places of work. Focus your employer’s attention on the experience that fits your current goal. Do not forget to describe your professional achievements.

Personal qualities. Describing your personal qualities, write about those that are adequate to the desired position.

Recommendations. If you are in good standing at the department that graduates you, then you can indicate as a recommender the teacher in this department (of course, having coordinated this issue with them). In this case, it is appropriate to indicate the full name, position, academic titles of the referee, and contact details. If you have indicated such information in the resume, in advance worry about the letter of recommendation.